Ahmad Mira

(Kurdish: ئەحمەد میرە,born 1975) Ahmed Mira

 is a prominent independent Kurdish journalist in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region. He is credited, along with his journalistic team, for pioneering a shift from party-affiliated journalism to freelance journalism in Kurdistan  Originally from Sulaymaniyah Governorate, Mira currently works as both a journalist and a university professor

Ahmed Mira served as the editor-in-chief of Lvin magazine, a highly influential political critique publication founded in 2002 in Iraqi Kurdistan. Known for its impartiality, Lvin was the most widely distributed private magazine in southern Kurdistan and the best-selling magazine in all of Iraq.

However, Mira and his team faced harsh consequences for their critical reporting. The magazine received numerous death threats from the ruling parties in southern Kurdistan, tragically culminating in the assassinations of staff members Sorani Mama Hama (July 21, 2008) and Abdul Star (March 5, 2002). Ahmed Mira himself endured repeated death threats and multiple imprisonments by Kurdish political forces. The most severe instance involved solitary confinement on April 17, 2007

Beyond journalism, Mira holds a doctorate and teaches at Halabja University, where he is a respected lecturer. He has also participated in journalism courses offered by international organizations like IREX, IWPR, and MDI, further solidifying his expertise. Mira has even trained others in journalism, conducting hundreds of courses both domestically and internationally.

An advocate for free speech, Ahmed Mira has actively participated in demonstrations and protests in Iraqi Kurdistan. This commitment led to him and Shuan Mohammed, editor-in-chief of Awene newspaper, being invited to the Swedish Parliament in 2012 to represent Kurdistan’s free media. Mira’s dedication extends to authorship, having written books on press freedom, culture, and literature

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