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Phil Wood Tenacious Oil and Tri-Flow are popular light oils among cyclists. A lot of people wonder if there is a substitute they can use to oil their air gun such as lubricants and cleaners typically used with firearms. It is always important to remember that air guns are constructed with different materials as well as designed differently than traditional firearms, so they need their own care solutions. The metal spring will tend to resonate when shot, sort of like ringing a bell. If you want to dampen that sound, you need to greatly reduce the vibration from the shooting cycle.

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  • There are 55 products on our ultimate list of gun greases on the market.
  • Now, add the carnauba wax slowly, again raising the heat until just below the smoking level.
  • The Mystik JT-5 even claims to be patterned after Hy-Tran on its Data sheet.
  • They can withstand high temperatures and won’t break down and drip.

At the same time, esters and glycols are not realistic vibrating dildo recommended for use with plastics. I have been making bullet lube for a few years now and have to agree with what has been said. But the one thing I have found is that a simple mix of beeswax and lanolin seem to work about the best until it comes time to clean up the barrel. I shoot a lot of black powder and substitutes, these are also low pressure and unlike smokeless, create a whole new problem, unburned powder fouling.

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A great place to test is on the inside of your elbow. Keep in mind that you know your body best, and it might take some experimenting before you find a natural lube that’s right for you. Fragrances, whether these are in a moisturizer, oil, or aloe vera gel. You do not, under any circumstance, use an oil-based natural lube if you rely on condoms. Now, there are some rubber compounds that don’t react well at all to synthetic oil, so be sure that any seals or gaskets you use are compatible with synthetic oil. Also, any pre-assembly lube should be thin enough to allow oil to properly flow without gunking anything up.

An Innovative Catheter Lubricant: Silicone Oil

Canola oil, used to be called rape seed oil, and lanolin. I had 10% crisco oil, but canola, that could make a difference. I had tried the formula as I had recorded it some years ago but didn’t have any luck with it. I think I’ll try it as you have suggested, then maybe a little lanolin later to see what it does.

Modern sixgunners don’t need to ram a ball down a rifled bore, so is lubricant really still necessary? After all, the projectile starts off lovingly seated into a carefully prepared brass cartridge case, crimped into exact position, over a precisely measured powder charge. Once the primer is struck, the burning powder provides all the horsepower needed to drive the bullet from the case and out the barrel, so why would we need to lubricate it? In fact, how can grease contained in a simple groove in the cast bullet lubricate the bearing surface of the bullet, much of which is in front of the lube groove?

When the hot gases driving the bullet start to leak through the channels left by engraving, they pick up lube and force it into the crevices as they both move forward. By filling these channels with lube, the flow of gases is effectively stemmed, thereby limiting gas-cutting. The old adage “Moderation in all things” once again holds true – viscous flow, with moderate thickness is a key virtue for a quality bullet lube. There is no such thing as a perfect bullet/bore seal, there will always be channels and defects that are not sealed. It’s a question of whether or not obturation and lube can team up and make an effective seal. Elmer Keith designed his semi-wadcutters with what he called “square-cut” lube grooves.

I have heard someone mention that it’s not necessarily a good idea to lube the OEM cables with the teflon or plastic liners with a petroleum product. Use low viscosity oils during winters while higher viscosity oils during summers. If you don’t have temperature issues use the viscosity grade closest to what the air compressor manufacturer recommends. The following are some of the substitutes to air compressor oil. What happens to the lubricant at different temperature? Grease doesn’t perform well at high temps because it can’t get rid of the heat like oil can.

Most guys, gay and straight, discover spit as an instinctive lube for masturbation, and many continue to prefer spit over other sex lubes — I do. Nothing is sexier than a guy spitting on your hole before going in. Spit is very carnal, and the sex is automatically rougher, since it will never get your ass or penis as slick as store-bought lubes will, no matter how much you use . Using spit calls to mind the proverbial “first time” — that first innocuous thrust under the sheets on a church youth retreat or that first buddy jack-off after soccer practice. Delivering friction protection for actions, triggers and slides, Otis Grease is a bio-based formula with anti-wear and corrosion protection additives. It is non-toxic and stands up to friction in high- and low-temperatures.

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